The Fontanas


Here's our family tree....I'll be adding to it almost weekly. I'm sorry but I couldn't post it directly on here because it's a Powerpoint. You can click on any of the names that have Fontana as a last name. By our family tree, I mean that the only people besides the people with the last name Fontana are married partners. The full family tree, which includes my cousins, children of my grandparents and great-grand parents, and so forth, is not yet available because there are far too many people on it, sorry. But you can access the solely Fontana family tree here. I know that some of you may be worried about scams, viruses, etc. For this reason, you can also open it manually using the PDF file down below. Just open it up. The file does contain hyperlinks, and you can click on any of the names that have the last name Fontana for information. The names without our last name do not have any information. Also, it helps if you zoom out three times before using the family tree's hyperlinks back and forth. Please do not copy, edit, or in any way change this file and pass it off as mine or your own. 

fontanafamtree.pdf fontanafamtree.pdf
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