Hi, I'm Wednesday Fontana. A pleasure to meet you. I hope you enjoy my story; it's a bit confusing but overally I think it's very interesting, my life. How do you like this page? It's rather nice, isn't it? I'd prefer it to be gentler, but Willow insisted on making it nice and more...what was the word she used?...fascinating.  Anyhow, you can find my story separated into chapters either on the sidebar on the left or by rolling over the tab on the tab bar. You can also learn more about us under the Fontanas tab.  Otherwise, there's not much else. Though feel free to use the lower links on the link list, they lead to either the original Storyworld, Ariana's Palace (the site of the Ariana Story), or Mermaid's Congregation (for Mermaid).  

I hope you enjoy your stay!

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Original Storyworld: storyworld.page4.me
Ariana's Palace: storyworldariana.page4.me
Mermaids' Congregation: storyworldmermaid.page4.me
Agjo: mnsu12.wix.com/agjo
Ariel: mnsu12.wix.com/ariel
Alternate Wix Storyworld: mnsu12.wix.com/storyworld

This site's address is storyworldshadowkingdom.yolasite.com.